WriteChinese: Write Chinese! 3.0.3

Source:SJC Linguistics

Take thinking out of the equation and WriteChinese the natural way!

**2/10 COLOSSAL update! WriteChinese is finally back with an update so big I had to reset it to 1! And to celebrate, I'm letting it go for a very special price, so get it while it's hot!

Welcome to WriteChinese, the premier written Chinese trainer from SJC Linguistics! Only by writing will you ever learn to write, so why not give yourself the world's best tool for just that?

Between Explore Mode - where you can discover new characters - and Drill Mode - where you can put your memory to the test - you'll be well on your way to recognizing and reconstructing hanzi (Chinese characters) like you learned it in China!

Explore Mode:
-Trace stencils for each hanzi in the proper stroke order while seeing translations and readings
-Intuitive sliding controls for navigating Super Sets and hiding stencils from view
-Quickly add characters to your Working Set for use in Drill Mode
-Use the list to track your performance in Drill Mode and skip to random characters

Drill Mode:
-Intelligent drilling system helps you lock down on wanted kanji and forget unnecessary button presses
-Progress reports back to your list in Explore Mode for each Super Set

-Time-Warp substitutes simplified characters for traditional and Taiwan-specific characters
-Adjustable, pressure-sensitive brush for practicing calligraphy or for tailoring to different screen types
-Adjustable shake-to-clean feature and
-Customizable color themes!

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